System Integration

Micro City knows that all of our customers are different, therefore, we offer unique computer systems tailored to each unique individual.  We have specific systems that apply to our customers' everyday needs whether it be for speed, storage, or redundancy.  Our company design and integrate various systems from home PCs to enterprise level servers, all with multiple platform technology focus in mind.  Our staff takes meticulous care with every system from the moment they are ordered to the moment they are completed and we employ an aggressive aging system that burns in every component making our product very reliable and eliminating any overhead that our customers may incur.

Micro City's endeavor is to bridge the gap between people and technology and that is why we use only the latest and highest grade retail and OEM products available on the market so that our customers can have piece of mind, allowing them to focus more on what technology can do for them rather than on the technology itself.

We know that computers will not last forever and are susceptible to failure whether it is integrated by us or by another vendor but unlike other computer companies we guarantee zero down-time with all of our systems.  To get a problem resolved, customers would typically have to wait a week or two for a leading brand name computer company to service them or possibly getting charged a horrendous fee for immediate service.  At Micro City we provide all of our customers with on-the-spot same day solution service to resolve any computer problem.  We are able to give our customers a personal level of attention and care and this is what seperates us from the bigger corporate computer giants because our operation is small enough to tailor to each individual customer needs.