Micro City provides on-site and in-store service with an extensive array of repair and upgrade solutions for PCs, laptops, servers, and other computer related products.  Our repair solutions include data recovery (emails, address book, favorites, documents, pictures, music, etc.), various types of OS installations, virus removal, spyware removal, system optimization, driver updates, and software updates.  Our upgrade solutions include motherboards, CPUs, memory, hard drives, ROM drives, video adapters, sound adapters, network adapters, controller adapters, and internal and external computer related peripherals.  Along with all of our repair and upgrade job, we also include a complete system power cleaning and cable optimization to improve air-flow and minimize heat derived failures.

Micro City's company policy is to strive for nothing but excellence with everything that we do.  Our repair and upgrade service is to ensure that our customers' computer systems operate optimally.  With quick and competent service, customers will get their business as well as their life back online in no time.  All of our work comes with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.