Micro City has been a leading industry expert for many years, delivery high-value computing technology sales to our customers with multi-tier pre-sales support for those who want to be well-informed about products they are buying.  Our product line consists of various brand name components from manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, ASUS, Kingston, Supermicro, 3Ware, MSI, ATI, Nvidia, Viewsonic, and more.  We also carry a wide array of high quality Server, desktop, and laptop systems from HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu, IBM, Gateway, Acer, and more.  We have a rigorous selection process to determine which supplier will give our customers the most value for their money.  This is why we only stock supplies from the biggest manufacturers in the world because we want to give our customers reliable products, brand name selling power, and a solid warranty programs that yields quick turn around times.  We give our customers a sustainable competitive advantage, allowing them to use technology in order to stay productive.

Micro City computer sales focuses on providing customers with product solutions.  When customers come to us they want knowledgeable help and value and this means fast service and even faster solutions.  Our knowledgeable sales staff can help them do just that.  We can help customers find the right computer component at the right price whether it is hardware or software.  We know that time is a precious commodity, therefore, our customers will never have to wait in line for service.  All customers will be taken care of immediately with personal attention and care.  No matter who our customers are or what they do, if it is high computing solutions that they seek then we are here to provide them with information and precise solutions.  With a strong sales support team, Micro City promises reliability, efficiency, and high performance with all of our products and services.