About Micro City Inc.

Micro City is a company that is building tomorrow's solutions today.  We are dedicated to providing standards on which home and business users can build a solid foundation on.  Our company is always exploring the boundaries of technology, keeping ourselves cutting edge so that we may offer our customers' cutting edge solutions. 

Starting a new business or evolving from a small business to a larger one can be a long and expensive process.  Micro City can help business owners get to where they need to go fast while reducing overhead costs.  This is all possible due to our excellent customer service which directly correlates to staying committed to our customers, understanding their needs, giving them innovation beyond conventional methods, and technology without compromise.

We were there when it all started and we are still here today.  With a certified staff and years of technological experience, it's no wonder why home and business users have counted on us year after year to deliver affordable and reliable computer systems the right way